The Man from Mukinupin

The Man from Mukinupin

June, 2013

by Dorothy Hewett
directed by Norma Latchford

Cecil Brunner/Max Montebello- Paul Andinach
Mercy Montebello- Karen Evans

Piano/Musical Director- Molly Johnson
Flute- Jocelyn Green

Lighting- Juan Meng
Sound- Lauren Chapman-Holle
Stage Manager- Jennifer Nicholls
Props- Patricia Parker

The Man from Mukinupin, written by Dorothy Hewitt in 1973, is one of Australia’s great theatrical creations. Set in a small West Australian wheat belt town immediately before and after the First World War, it is peopled by the larger than life characters that small towns often attract.

The play uses a variety of theatrical styles – from vaudeville and country town players, to musical and dance, to Henry Lawson bush ballads, to Coleridge, Shakespeare and Milton to tell the simple story. It is a fantasy with music.

Many of the cast play multiple roles, with the siblings, Jack and Harry, Eek and Zeek, Polly and Lily reflecting the light and dark shades of their characters, of Mukinupin and Australia as it came of age. The play includes the story of genocide while at the same time celebrating the journey of life and the marriage festival.

The play is full of song and dance, humour and poetry and the larrikinism for which Australia is well known.